Surgical Procedures

• Adrenal Gland Surgery
• Aneurysm Repair
• Appendectomy
• Breast Surgery
• Cancer Surgery
• Colon Surgery
• Dialysis Access Surgery
• Gallbladder Surgery
• Gastrointestinal Surgery
• Hernia Surgery
• Laparoscopic Surgery
• Liver Surgery
• Pancreatic Surgery
• Parathyroid Surgery
• Peripheral Arterial Surgery
• Spleen Surgery
• Thyroid Surgery
• Venous Stasis Disease

Hernia Surgery

Hernia repair has changed dramatically in the last 30 years with primary repairs nearly replaced by the implantation of synthetic mesh or biologic substitutes to strengthen already weakened tissues.  Augusta Surgical Group has a long history of treating inguinal, ventral, incisional, and femoral hernias with time-proven and consistently successful repairs.  Whether the patient’s special medical conditions require a conservative primary repair or implantation of the newest synthetic dermal substitutes, the surgeons are well-versed in all variety of repairs and able to give each person the individual attention necessary to repair their hernia and return them to their regular activities.  Hernias are individually addressed using laparoscopic, preperitoneal, and open anterior approaches to provide the best long-term results.